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War Veteran Athena Ives on Courage to Tell Her Story

After publishing her book, USMC veteran Athena Ives had many people reach out to her. “I had the courage to tell my story. To talk about what is happening to millions of people and they don’t know what’s going on, because no one talks about it.” Hear more about her story on The David Johnson […]

Veteran Employment: An Employers Perspective From Jay Sheehan

Jay Sheehan Veteran Employment TDJS

Having a DD214 doesn’t mean an employer owes you a job… yes, you have a leg up because you have on average 300% more training than non-vets for hire but you still need to market yourself, your abilities, and your skillset. There are many resources that center around Veteran employment but Jay is one of […]

The Cost of Being Hooah – A Military Story Video Podcast

Keith Caraway Army Veteran on The David Johnson Show

The David Johnson Show launches this week with our first guest Keith Caraway, a 20-year military veteran who entered civilian life in early 2020.  Keith and David have known each other since high school (Shadow Mountain HS, Phoenix) and share a lot of remembrances of their military lives. Click below to the video to watch […]

Military Vet Keith Caraway on his first HOOAH!

Keith Caraway First Time Heard HOOAH TDJS

Keith Caraway, a 20-year US Army military veteran and our guest on our first “The David Johnson Show”, shares how the Army battle cry “HOOAH” works to get the adrenaline flowing and feed a soldier’s fascination during early weeks in the Army. “The David Johnson Show” is a national voice that talks about points of […]