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The Opportunities and Power of Veteran Influencers Marketing

Matt O'Brien veteran influencer

Digital marketing professional, Matt O’Brien shares his insights on “The David Johnson Show” about what’s coming next in the worlds of technology and the Internet, and how veterans can find their niche in the emerging opportunity to become an influencer and make an impact. “…the formula changed and it’s all about these influencers that are […]

War Veteran Athena Ives on Courage to Tell Her Story

After publishing her book, USMC veteran Athena Ives had many people reach out to her. “I had the courage to tell my story. To talk about what is happening to millions of people and they don’t know what’s going on, because no one talks about it.” Hear more about her story on The David Johnson […]

Retired US Navy SEAL Jon Fussell on Planning for an Effective Retirement

Jon Fussell SEAL Planning For Retirement TDJS

In this “The David Johnson Show” highlight – Jon Fussell Retired Lt Commander Navy SEAL talks about his retirement mindset when retiring from the Navy at age 44 after leading some of the most elite of the elite within the SEAL community – “Let’s leverage what I already bring to the fight”. He knew what […]