Veteran Employment: An Employers Perspective From Jay Sheehan

Jay Sheehan Veteran Employment TDJS

Having a DD214 doesn’t mean an employer owes you a job… yes, you have a leg up because you have on average 300% more training than non-vets for hire but you still need to market yourself, your abilities, and your skillset. There are many resources that center around Veteran employment but Jay is one of the best resources that you now have access to through this interview.

In this episode hear the point of view from the Employer’s perspective. The employer who has to spend time, energy and money to hire you and cut your paycheck every two weeks. Jay Sheehan, President of FreelaceVets has been in the employment space for 20 years. At his peak, he was hiring 2,500 employees a year. Jay addresses the different types of employment from temp to hire, staffing, and freelance in this new work-from-home, gig-economy.

Our commitment at The David Johnson Show is to bring the veteran community stories, perspectives and the resources, so you can design the life that you deserve. Listen to Jay share his knowledge on why veterans make the best hires and how you can tap into this invaluable resource to get started or take your career to the next level.

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