US Navy SEAL Veteran Craig Sawyer Discusses Finding Passion in Life Fighting Evil

Finding Your Passion Life Craig Sawyer TDJS

Craig Sawyer, a US Navy SEAL veteran, talks about moving into a new chapter in his life to help fight evil through his humanitarian work. I’m in my 50’s and I’m just now finding the real passion in my life, ” said Craig Sawyer. Learn more about what Saywer’s newfound passion in life is.

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Video Transcript:

David: The people you know and just keeping your mind open, you don’t know what path your life is going to go down. You’re doing this one day, now I’m in Hollywood, now I’m in Africa and five-six years ago, I’m an Air Marshal on a plane.

Craig:  Like a rat and a maze. It’s easy in my older age to look back and remain humble. I realized so much of what I thought I knew and I thought I was about, I didn’t really know. I believe now I was being guided through that journey.

Each of the points of pain in my life, the challenges, were training courses to make me a better person and for me to learn from.

David:  A lot of that is aged. Not that you’re old but, as you get older, you take all that experience.

Craig:  I understand it more now that I’ve aged. Back then, I thought I was kicking the pants out of life. Accomplishing everything I wanted to do, and go on for my dreams. In hindsight now, I can see that I was being trained and prepared for something.

David:  You were being trained and prepared for something. I’m not going to remember the exact conversation that we had but before you came on the show…We just met briefly, two months ago almost. This whole thing is pretty new.

I told you what I was doing. The idea for the show, to bring new perspectives and stories and opinions to the veteran community. I’m just a huge believer on you got to open up your mind, hear new things. That’s how you grow. Then you can start asking yourself the right questions and what path you want to go down on in life.

We were at your house. Sitting in your backyard. You gave me some tea. You were saying, “I’m in my 50’s and I’m just now finding the real passion in my life.” That in and of itself is a powerful story. To be in the 50’s, everything you’ve done, and now this is a new chapter for you, something you’re really passionate about.

Craig:  It was like an epiphany. One friend of mine from the Intelligence community in Houston said, “Craig, this is the area that we grew up. Just north of Houston is the epicenter. It’s the most hotly trafficked area for children illegally. These people are keeping them in dog kennels in some cases. They are torturing, and abusing, and murdering children. They sell them like property. It’s a new criminal enterprise.”

When I started talking to other investigators that were working these cases, they’re letting me know this is really dark and creepy stuff. All the stuff that we’ve dealt with, dealing with, the Mexican drug cartel and the mafia organizations, and all the different organized crime, a lot of it it’s bad, but this is worse.

There’s a darker, more despicable aspect of what they’re doing to the kids than any of these other crimes. The other crimes, it’s all about money. This is about something different. Some of it it’s sexual. Some of it it’s political, blackmail, leverage, and manipulation.

Some of it is just straight up sadistic in nature of what people want to do to children. If they can buy a child, then they can do whatever they want to them off the books. It’s really dark and disgusting stuff.

David:  Was this new for you to hear all of this, like you said out there in Houston?

Craig:  Yeah, it was. I’d always known that there was human trafficking, but I didn’t know that child trafficking was that pervasive. Quite frankly, I didn’t know much about it. I didn’t know it was that dark, and hateful, and evil.

I got my heart broken at the stories that some of the investigators were telling me. They were saying once you peel back the layers of the politics, the money, the sex, it’s spiritual in nature. This is the front line between good and evil. Your badge and your gun is not going to do much good if you don’t understand the nature of this conflict.”