US Army Veteran Keith Caraway on Ruling with an Iron Fist

Caraway iron fist military to civilian

Keith Caraway, a 20-year US Army military veteran and guest on “The David Johnson Show”, discusses how what works in the military may not translate to working in civilian life. 

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Video Transcript:

Keith Caraway – Everyone that was on my team was successful. They hated me for it, but the guys I had ruled with an iron fist. It’s a character flaw now because now that I’m out and I thought that you had to still rule with an iron fist, hell no!

That’s why my first gig when I got out didn’t work out. Because I was ruling with an iron fist. Hell, no. It takes a committee, my employees get a vote. I’m in civilian world. I’m going go do it. People are like, “You’re only in charge of what we let you be in charge of.”