Navy SEAL Veteran Jon Fussell Talks About Working Together as a Team

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Lt Commander Retired Navy SEAL Jon Fussell talks about the importance of coming together and working as a team. Figuring out how to work as a team is how great feats are accomplished. The team around you becomes your “get back up” when you fall.

Jon spent many years leading the elite of the elite within the SEAL community. His insights into how he retired/transitioned from Military to Civilian and his thoughts on leadership bring a much-needed perspective to our community. The full episode with Jon Fussell airs Thursday, April 30th.

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Video Transcript:

Jon: Going through SEAL training, you can’t survive that as an individual. You’re not getting through there. I’m not going for miles, and miles, and miles, of running with a 400pound telephone pole on my shoulder. I certainly didn’t do that as an individual. Miles of paddling and rowing, with a 400pound boat on your head. You’re not doing that as an individual. You have to figure out how to work as a team.-

When you really come together as a team is, as crazy as it sound, you may have heard of Hell Week. Hell Week is early on in training. Basically, you’re awake for an entire week. You’re together with your crew with that boat fixed to your head for the whole week.

Come Wednesday, with zero sleep from Sunday until Friday when you’re done…

David:  That’s rough.

Jon:  …you will fall asleep while running. It’s no joke. You’re running down the beach and micronap kicks in and you’ll just fall and bounce of the sand.-

David:  [laughs]

Jon:  It’s a crazy process. They’ve really got it figured out. It’s in that moment that when you go down, you know that weight just got distributed six ways instead of seven. It’s your get back up. 

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