Navy SEAL Veteran Craig Sawyer on The Chapters in Your Life, Going the Distance & Finding a Passion

Craig Sawyer Chapters in Your Life TDJS

“The David Johnson Show” (TDJS) is a national voice that talks about points of interest in the American military and veteran subculture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story. This week’s guest is Navy SEAL veteran, Craig Sawyer, aka ‘Sawman’, who has transitioned from his Navy SEAL and counter-terrorism military career into working in television, the Internet, humanitarian non-profit work and mentoring young veterans on their post-military lives. 

Click below to the video to watch the full segment from David’s interview with Craig, and learn more about his incredible background.  

In the episode, Craig shares his story of how he started initially with the Marines, but moved into the Navy SEALs in his early 20s. Craig served in the Gulf War (1990-1991), gaining combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an Operator at SEAL Team One. During his time there, Craig was involved in various combat operations, including CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue), Sniper, Reconnaissance, Counter-Mine and Fast Attack Vehicle Operations. For his efforts, Craig was honored with a “Heroic Service” decoration.

Craig was later promoted to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, aka ‘DEVGRU’ or ‘SEAL Team 6’, a Counter-Terrorism unit administered by US Naval Special Warfare Command. Craig spent the rest of the 1990s operating at the highest-level counter-terrorist operations. 

When he and his wife had a child, Craig transitioned to a new role with the U.S. Air Marshal program to be more at home with his family. After 9/11, the small Air Marshal program became much larger. Craig spent most of the ‘00s in Air Marshal service, along with contract work for the Department of State and others. 

His military operations skills helped him get chosen to lead a military commando team in Africa to halt rhino poachers. Craig and his crew were filmed in 2013 and it became a 3-part special called “Battleground Rhino Wars“. This started Craig’s work in TV production, movies, acting, voiceover work and more in the past decade on networks like Animal Planet, the Military Channel and The History Channel. 

In recent years, Craig’s humanitarian efforts have manifested in his work to combat child sex trafficking through his non-profit Vets4ChildRescue. Craig is currently working on a documentary to help expose child trafficking, while staying busy with his family and other pursuits. 

“Craig’s background is so amazing, it should really give hope to other military vets looking to make a mark after military service ends,” said David Johnson, host of “The David Johnson Show”. “Craig said to me recently, “I’m in my 50’s and I’m just now finding the real passion in my life.” That in and of itself is a powerful story. To be in the 50’s, with everything he’s done, to see him writing a new chapter is very inspiring. I hope our viewers feel the same.” 

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