US Navy SEAL Veteran & Hero Craig Sawyer Defends the Defenseless

Defending the Defenseless Craig Sawyer TDJS

Craig Sawyer, a US Navy SEAL veteran, wants to ‘defend the defenseless’ by fighting the world of child sex trafficking through his humanitarian work.

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Video Transcript:

David:  Would you call this a brand new chapter in your life as opposed to, “I could do different films, stuff within the same industry”? You have the knowledge, but is this a brand new something for you, would you call it?

Craig:  It’s a different way to fight, but it’s the same principle of defending the defenseless. That’s kinda like my life’s ethos. I can’t stand a bully. I don’t like to see people deceived and abused who are innocent and helpless. I think that’s what a real warrior does, is he defends the defenseless. That’s what I mean to do.

Yes, I’m not going to solve child sex trafficking with rockets and a belt-fed machine gun or a sniper rifle. What I can do is expose it through media and ignite 320 million Americans to the fact that we’ve got a serious problem, let them know how these predators are stalking and hunting our children so that we can rise up against it and bring a real set of solutions to safeguard the children. At the end of the day, I just want people to stop raping kids.”