Navy SEAL Military Veteran Craig Sawyer on Inspiring Warriors

Wanted to be a warrior Craig Sawyer TDJS

Craig Sawyer, a Navy SEAL veteran, describes the personal inspirations and key people, from Bible warriors such as King David to a couple different SEAL Team chiefs that helped frame his character and mindset in the military.

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Video Transcription:

David:  If we had to sum up your military career as a chapter, were there some key experiences, key units, key people you met that helped framed up that chapter in your life?

Craig:  Yeah, there were a couple. There was a senior chief and a master chief that I found both the most motivating. They were both at SEAL Team One. That inspired me the most to become the best operator that I could. They were just good at everything, fantastic at everything that there was. I thought, “Man, I really want to be like those guys.”

Before I had gone into the SEAL teams, I grew up listening to stories about King David from the Bible and what a bad warrior that dude was, and just what a severe killer he was, and why he fought. That was my model. In my mind, in my heart, I wanted to be like that.

I’d been reading about the MACV-SOG operations in Vietnam, and the Navy SEALs that worked specifically in the Rung Sat Special Zone or what they called the Forest of Assassins. I thought, “Man, I want to stand next to those guys. I want to fight next to them.” One day, I want for them to look to their left and right, and when they see me next to them, I want them to be glad that Sawman is there and that to be a good thing like, “Oh, yeah, Sawman’s got my left side. We’re good tonight.”

That’s the contribution that I wanted to bring. That was my mindset while I was there.”