Lt Commander Retired Jon Fussell Driven People Want Leadership

TDJS Jon Fussell Driven People Want Leadership

Lt Commander Retired Navy SEAL Jon Fussell talks about the human component of leadership and the similarities between the Military and Civilian world. “Driven people want leadership…. They want people to step up and make calls.”

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Video Transcript:

David:…the human component.

Briefly talk to me about some leadership traits, roles, if you will, from the military side and then transitioning that into, dare I say, the corporate America side or the civilian side. What are some of the similarities or your first experiences that you’ve seen?

Jon:  A lot of people are like, “Hey, we want a touch a little bit about what the military has.” It’s hard. If you think about the military, think about the age demographic particularly at the combat level. It’s at a higher end but more specialized units, you start around 25 years old for an average new SEAL.

It’s like proathletics, early 20s to late 30s, all have a common focus. Nobody’s making any money. They’re all putting the guy to the left and the right before themse-lves.

You’re not really going to replicate that in corporate America exactly. That’s just the reality. It’s not a shot at anybody. It’s not a bad thing.

The stuff that does translate, or that you see everywhere, is driven people they want leadership. They have a hunger for leadership. They want leaders to step up and make calls, who are not afraid to make calls, who are not afraid to take action.

I saw that kind of universally. Leaders who are paying attention to the energy flow amongst the team and all that.