Season 2  of “The David Johnson Show” – The Veteran Talk Show features US Army Veteran Cindy McNally and Marine Corps Veteran Andrew Farrer, both are currently involved with Irreverent Warriors. a non-profit organization that works to bring veterans together using laughter and friendship to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

Here’s a clip from the full-length interview, which you can find on The David Johnson Show channel. In this clip, Marine Corps Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, Andrew talks about being ‘scared shitless” when being shot at in the Iraq War during the surge in Ramadi and Fallujah. “It was a wake-up call”, he said. 

These are the kinds of riveting stories from military veterans that you can watch on The David Johnson Show. It is THE video podcast show for active duty personnel, military veterans and anyone interested in the patriotic efforts of our fighting men and women.

“The David Johnson Show” is a national voice that talks about points of interest in the American military and veteran subculture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story.

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