Our guest on this episode of The David Johnson Show, James Lloyd, discusses one of the biggest struggles for people once they move on from their military time. Figuring out who they are. 

For many, their identity and who they were as a person before they went in is different than the person they are now. Lloyd was given a mission while in the Marine Corp, and once he was out, he struggled for a while to figure out who he was now and what he was going to do. It is a common struggle for many veterans. 

Learn more about James Lloyd on the full episode of The David Johnson Show.

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Video Transcript:

James Lloyd: Well, my biggest struggle was was um, you know, trying to figure out like, ‘Okay now that I’m done with the Marine Corps, which is like ‘serve and protect’ and you know like uphold the constitution. What do I do now? And so it left me, um, you know, without an identity. And I struggled to find that.

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Jaime served in the Army for 6-years, and is an active duty Army spouse, hooah! She is a proud career and employment advocate for the military spouse community, actively working to reduce the 24% military spouse unemployment rate through advocacy, consulting, and staffing. She is a boy mom of two young boys, and “manimal” mom of a mean black rescue cat named Vader, and an Irish Wolfhound named Wally weighing in at over 150lbs.

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