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Elizabeth Bernal grew up in Midwest suburbia. She had a passion for writing that started in 1st grade. She migrated west in High School eventually ending up in California. She started down the path of motherhood early in life. As a young, single mom, Elizabeth followed her winding road to growing up, building a family, continuing her education, and growing her career. Eventually moving back to Arizona, It wasn't until later that she met her one true love who happened to be a combat vet. With little knowledge of military and veteran life, Elizabeth started learning quickly of the tight knit community it was. Shifting career paths into this new world of military and veteran lingo, she found her passion of helping others could be just as powerful for those who have served our country. She is now running the Operations of The David Johnson Show and continues her love for writing in hopes that it reaches the personal side to all those who are raising kids and just trying to get through life, one day at a time.

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