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USMC Infantry, Echo in Ramadi, Battling in Iraq

November 03, 2021

 Retired Marine Major, now Best Selling Author of Echo in Ramadi Scott Huesing, shares his viewpoints on how the Marine Corps takes kids, just out of high school and makes them Marines. He commanded Echo Company in Ramadi, Iraq in the early days of GWOT - The Global War on Terror.

When Scott Huesing had a change of duty station, he was compelled to build trust with the Marines he commanded. He realized that even at such a young age, these Marines were risking their lives for the American population. Scott reflects on how he realized just how young each Marine was when he was writing his first book. Listen to how he describes many of the Marines in his company.

He expected his Marines to “perform superhuman acts, day in and day out, in the face of great danger”.

Scott believes that most people who join the military are looking for some sort of stability. Although the kids aren’t necessarily bred for the military, they all seem to have something in them that makes them protectors.

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