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US Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer on Preparing for Civilian Life

April 20, 2020 0 Comments

Craig Sawyer, a Navy SEALs veteran, explains to military veterans how to understand, approach and navigate through the very different waters of civilian life after a military career.

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Video Transcript:

Craig Sawyer - The civilian population is not like the military, the culture is radically different. It's much more cut-throat. The civilian industry believes that if they can leave you destitute, and take all your stuff in a business deal they are, "more sophisticated" than you. Once you get it, understand the playing field that you're on, then approach it with the right safeguards and precautions, and do the vetting of the people that you're going to interact with. Then you can be OK, you can make your mark, you can do well, you treat each other with dignity and respect, but just realize they're not your friend.” We are the "David Johnson Show." Bringing the veteran community stories and perspectives, so you can design the life that you deserve.


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