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The Four Buckets of Transitioning Veterans

September 08, 2021

 VETERANS - This is how hiring managers in Corporate America view you.

Former Navy SEAL delivers speech to a group of HR professionals on how to evaluate and recognize the different "buckets" of veterans. He cites the difference between skills and abilities and how veterans can bring their unique experience to the table.

A must listen for veterans who are trying to represent their worth and for hiring managers trying to evaluate the veteran candidates.

You can watch the full interview HERE


Bucket 1 - This person is fresh out of the military with no college degree and will generally use a GI bill to gain their undergrad degree This individual already has more maturity than the average 23 year old.

Bucket 2 - Young officers, 6-10 years in military with under grad degree or might have an MBA. This individual will already have a unique skill set.

Bucket 3 - 20-25 year military career, gets out around 40 yrs old, has more unique experiences to offer.

Bucket 4 - These are usually retired admirals and generals, board member level.

Abilities can  transfer out of the military into civilian careers. Not all skills obtained in the military will transfer out. This is why ability is more important. This can determine if an individual can think for themselves.

What makes a good leader? Being selfless, humility, humble, confidence in oneself, understanding and realizing the experiences one went through and how they handle things when challenged with hard stuff.

Don't Fear failure and "Never Stop Working The Problem".

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