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Take a Hike! And a Look Inside Irreverent Warriors

March 09, 2021

Season 2  of “The David Johnson Show” - The Veteran Talk Show features US Army Veteran Cindy McNally and Marine Corps Veteran Andrew Farrer, both are currently involved with Irreverent Warriors. a non-profit organization that works to bring veterans together using laughter and friendship to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. Here’s a clip from the full-length interview, which you can find on The David Johnson Show channel

The mission of Irreverent Warriors, founded in 2016, is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. The vision of Irreverent Warriors is to be the force that unites the veteran community and drives a healthy culture within its members.

The group does this by promoting safe, non-judgmental events for military veterans and active-duty personnel alike. The Silkies Hikes events are walking events where military people can connect, share stories, and become helpful resources for each other. These are amazing community events for active duty men and women and veterans to get together to hike, connect, promote community and raise awareness for suicide prevention and other traumas faced by vets. 

For more information on Irreverent Warriors visit

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