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Stealth Fighter Pilot who Dropped the First Bomb on Baghdad Tells All

November 05, 2021 0 Comments

The 2003 Iraq War was initiated with an air bombing campaign known as "Shock and Awe". This story, told by Retired F117 Stealth Fighter Pilot Steve Ankerstar, is the personal account of the first bomb dropped on Baghdad in the early days of The Global War on Terror. 

Shock and Awe is a military tactic based on using extreme force and overwhelming fire power to paralyze the enemy and crush their will to fight.  The Department of Defense advised this strategy to be used prior to ground forces entering Iraq in March and April of 2003.  Steve gives his opinion on this strategy. 

Retired Air Force Fighter Pilot Steve Ankerstar is now a sought after financial advisor and founder of Ankerstar Wealth 

We had the honor and privilege to interview Steve at our studio in Phoenix, AZ.  The David Johnson Show continues to document the stories of our Veterans to educate our future generation of Veterans and all Americans. 

God Bless America 

David Johnson | Host of The David Johnson Show 

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