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Navy Veteran Saving Veteran Lives With Military Working Dogs & Service Dogs

March 18, 2021

Season 2  of “The David Johnson Show” - The Veteran Talk Show continues with an enlightening episode with Ms. Danique Masingill, President/Founder of Leashes of Valor, who discusses her work with military dogs to help post-9/11 war veterans. 

In her capacity as LOV’s president, Danique is at the forefront of efforts to advance both the law and science surrounding service dogs. Danique’s knowledge and experience helped quickly establish her as a canine expert. Congress, The Department of Transportation, Government Accountability Office, and the airline industry have all tapped Danique’s expertise to craft wide-ranging policies governing service dogs and military canines.

For years, the U.S. military has enlisted military working dogs for various aspects of detection, apprehension, and other tactical duties. Dogs were used in this capacity in WWI and WW2 as well as in Korean and Vietnam. In fact, there were some 3,700 military dogs sent to work with the soldiers in Vietnam. By contrast, only 117 dogs were used in Operation Desert Storm, according to the U.S. War Dog Association

Danique Masingill background

While serving five years in the Navy, Danique Masingill first learned about military service dogs. The lightbulb that went off for Danique was that she was seeing dogs being used in life-saving areas like in mental health, trauma, PTSD and other areas related to combat-repercussions. Previously, she had only known dogs to be used for military detection work, apprehension work, the types of tactical needs tactical work. 

She saw a path in creating an organization for 9/11era veterans to help get through their combat trauma with the help of military dogs. Today, Leashes of Valor is a national non-profit working to provide post-9/11 veterans with highly-trained service dogs to help them limit the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), for example. The mission of Leashes of Valor is to bring veterans in need of companionship together with service dogs in order to enrich and improve both lives. It’s a very worthy mission. 
We are thrilled to share Danique’s story with military veterans. To learn more about Danique, read this article from her college alumni magazine.   


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