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Military to Civilian. Do My Skills Transfer? with Bryan Martyn - Part 2

June 24, 2021

In this episode of The David Johnson Show, retired Air Force Special Operations Pilot, Bryan Martyn, talks about transitioning out of the military, how to get a job after the military, and the reality of hiring Veterans in the civilian sector.

In this Veteran podcast, Bryan brings a unique perspective about finding a purpose after the military, getting a job after the military, Veteran hiring, and life after the military in general. He has gained immense experience in his post-military life that ranges from politics to teaching to Corporate America. He shares a few tips for getting a job after the military and talks about his experience in business networking - more specifically - how to network with people.

Military to civilian transition isn’t easy – especially as it relates to finding meaningful employment. It’s difficult at times for Veterans to translate their military skillset into a skill set recognized by civilian employers.

The David Johnson Podcast is the fastest-growing military show online. Not your typical army podcast, but one that focuses on bringing stories, perspectives, and fascinating new content to our community.

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Listen to Bryan Martyn give a first-hand account of one of the first rescue missions in Afghanistan. 

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