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Keith Caraway Remembers Fellow US Army Veterans

April 19, 2020

Keith Caraway, a 20-year US Army military veteran and guest on “The David Johnson Show”, remembers his fellow veterans who served in special operations, those that gave their lives for the cause.

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Video Transcription:

Keith Caraway - We used to have a slogan that they say in the regiment, "Night stalkers don't quit." The homage that comes with that, I get...I'm not saying emotional, but knowing the brothers and sisters that gave their lives in the cause of special operations. You don't want to quit because you're living for their legacy because they're not here. That's why, when I'm asked all the time, do I have any regrets? I don't, because of them. I can be the a**hole, sitting right here still talking about how bad or good my life was, but you can still feel, touch, taste me. These cats have given their lives for the cause.

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