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How I Mastered my Craft and Became a Top Billboard Artist with The Marine Rapper - Part 2

June 22, 2021

In this episode of The David Johnson Podcast - PART 2 with Raymond Lott | AKA The Marine Rapper - we dive into his transition from military to civilian and his journey in the rap game. He struggled to find his path after the Marine Corps and discusses the moment he knew he had to get out and pursue his rap dream. --- All the way to Top Billboard Artist

(In case you missed it, here is TMR’s Part 1 Episode

In this military podcast, TMR talks about how transitioning out of the military wasn’t easy and how his desire to be around his daughter made his move and pick up odd jobs along the way.

Practice makes perfect -- He explains his journey to becoming a rapper: how he needed to practice rapping, how to write a rap song, and what he does to perfect his craft. In his military transition to civilian life, TMR ultimately made it to L.A. to attend The L.A. Film School. This taught him recording and the music business. After graduating he soon opened his own record label and has been growing it ever

You can follow TMR and download his music on all platforms at The Marine Rapper.

“Ironically I wanted to learn how to be a man but I felt like I was being too much of a man by not asking for help….. so I got depressed”

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5:11 - This is how I practice my raps
7:47 - When I made the decision to get out of the Marine Corps and become a rapper
9:40 - First job out of the Marine Corps
12:20 - Talks about losing his identity because he wasn’t a Marine another
17:09 - Launching his own record label - NJP. Ninja Punch.

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