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Before Rap, The Struggle and What You Didn’t Know with The Marine Rapper - Part 1

June 03, 2021

The David Johnson Show Interviews Raymond Lott, a.k.a. The Marine Rapper (TMR) – A combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, 15X Billboard Charting Artist and #1 Billboard Rap Artist talks about Marine basic training and his experiences.

In this episode of the David Johnson Podcast - The Marine Rapper Interview; the Marine Veteran reveals answers to the following:

Did this Marine Corps artist get NJP’d in the military? Did that help name his record label?
What skills did he learn in the Marine Corps? How did that help him?
Did he always want to be a rapper?

This rapping Marine served for 10 years as a war reporter with infantry battalions during his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Since his ETS from the military, he has been finding his path, mastering his craft, and making history.

The Marine Rapper, Raymond Lott, will not only be sharing military stories. In this Veteran podcast, TMR will also talk about his military service and military training, his time as a combat correspondent, as well as shedding light on military culture.

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