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Army Veteran Keith Caraway Talks About the Importance of Going to the Finish Line With Your Family

April 15, 2020

20-year US Army military veteran Keith Caraway, our guest on “The David Johnson Show” emphasizes to other military veterans to ‘finish with your family.’ Don’t worry about the Hooah - make sure you’ve got your real family with you to the finish.

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Video Transcript

Keith Caraway - Don't get hooked up into being too hooah. Don't get hooked. Don't be like Keith Caraway, I got the rank, I got the cars, I got the money, I got the girls and all the other shit. I trade all that shit away for my real family. Don't go to the finish line without your family. I went to the finish line without my family. And the guy who I did his retirement? He didn't have the rank that I retired with. He didn't have stuff, resources, but he had his family. They were all on the front row clapping and happy. He finished with his family.

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