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Aaron Bare Discusses the Entrepreneurship Skill

July 23, 2020 0 Comments
Written by Aaron Bare

On the new episode of “The David Johnson Show,” a national voice that talks about points of interest within the post 9/11 military and veteran culture, David speaks with Aaron Bare, a multi-talented entrepreneur who is co-founder of the HeroZona Foundation, which serves the Arizona veteran community and national veteran interests.

Aaron is Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of HeroZona Foundation; Founder of Namaste Republic, the Arizona Accelerator, and Author of Reimagining Innovation. He also teaches courses on entrepreneurship and has a wide-ranging background in entrepreneurial business.

“The David Johnson Show” is a national voice that talks about points of interest in the American military and veteran subculture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story. Sign up to get notified of new episodes at and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Video Transcript:

“Entrepreneurship is a skill. It can be learned. Especially in the accelerator that we've created, which has certain points of traction. Once you graduate from a level and next, you understand that process because entrepreneurship was not always a science. Now, you can actually look at it and with traction-based metrics understand where a company is in their process of growing and what they need to do next. A lot of times though, entrepreneurs are not the best operators and the best people to scale their company. That is a major friction point with a lot of entrepreneurs that ultimately may suffocate the idea, or don't let the idea go to its full potential.”

Aaron Bare

Aaron Bare is a multi-talented entrepreneur who is co-founder of the Herozona Foundation. He calls himself a “micro-entrepreneur”, meaning he’s used a model to start a lot of different companies (3 non-profits, 12 companies sold) and then finds management teams to take them and accelerate them. ...

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