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  • Why I Failed At Love

    Why I Failed At Love

    Some of us are raised, unapologetically, to never show emotions; we're taught to fight early, and as a result we end up competitive to a fault. Some of us grew up to cherish possessions over people. Those same individuals can experience textbook insecurity, and for good measurement. Some of us joined professions that complemented our hard-headedness, which is sometimes equated with masculinity. Others...
  • Testing Your Faith

    Testing Your Faith

    Why is it so hard to embrace the past?  Do we really believe - We learn from our mistakes… if so, each mistake is a blessing, right? There are no mistakes in life, if this is true then every action and situation has been perfectly placed.  If every person that enters your life is put there for a reason - then why do...
  • Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    The first person of color I was introduced to was Harriet Tubman. I didn’t understand why my grandparents thought so highly of her. She was to them a savior. I thought we only believed in GOD but they would always talk about her like she cured cancer or something. As I grew older I soon realized what impact she had on Blacks during...
  • In The Fight Against Evil, Racial Lines Dissolved but Many Patriots Remain Forgotten

    In The Fight Against Evil, Racial Lines Dissolved but Many Patriots Remain Forgotten

    At a time when inflamed racial and political tensions threaten to further erode the most important elements that unite us, here is a story of a true patriot’s journey to return home amid an unprecedented global pandemic. As a Master Sergeant in the United States Army for 20 years, serving in multiple war zones, I’ve fought alongside some incredible men and women of...
  • NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    GUEST POST BY: U.S. ARMY RETIRED KEITH CARAWAY AND THIS IS MY STORY You must preserve the life of every person standing in front of you. You must ensure their basic needs are met so they can carry out their assigned tasks. If this place sucks, it is my fault. Make no mistake- the commander is in charge; however, I am the first...
  • Do you know what you cost your employer?

    Do you know what you cost your employer?

    Military Veterans. Do you know what it cost your employer to hire and keep you? Your employer is fighting a battle. Not a battle with weapons, tanks and aircraft but a battle none-the-less. A battle to find, interview, hire, train and maintain top talent – and if you think for one second that is easy, guess again. Glassdoor and the Society of Human...
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