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The Bond of Veterans

July 20, 2020

The Bond – A unique bond forged in the irreplaceable experiences that shaped every one of us. We are not better than anybody, and we are not worse; we share a history that makes us the Veterans of the United States Military. 

A special understanding exists between us. A shared and often times unspoken language communicates our bond. We share a culture founded from those who marched before us and whose traditions we carried on – we are Veterans of the United States Military.

We marched on the backs of the generations that preceded us and studied their lessons. Now as the 09/11 Era Veteran and the GWOT era Veteran, we owe it to ourselves, our children and America to use our experience and bond to live the best life we can. To strive for excellence in all we do and continue to lead by example following the lessons from our shared history. 

It is a challenge to reinvent ourselves once the steadfast years of service to our country are a memory. We've joined the ranks of our fellow Americans and must move on and adjust. We must find our "what's next". Our bond must extend beyond our years of service to how we adapt to life's new missions. Our struggles and victories as Veterans must continue to inspire those among us who still adjust today. To those searching for the “what’s next” may you continue to seek with an open mind and open heart. Find support from our mutual understanding as Veterans that extend beyond our years of service. Life is made up of chapters, and your remaining chapters have yet to be written.

My name is David Johnson and these are OUR STORIES

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