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  • Why I Failed At Love

    Why I Failed At Love

    Some of us are raised, unapologetically, to never show emotions; we're taught to fight early, and as a result we end up competitive to a fault. Some of us grew up to cherish possessions over people. Those same individuals can experience textbook insecurity, and for good measurement. Some of us joined professions that complemented our hard-headedness, which is sometimes equated with masculinity. Others...
  • Testing Your Faith

    Testing Your Faith

    Why is it so hard to embrace the past?  Do we really believe - We learn from our mistakes… if so, each mistake is a blessing, right? There are no mistakes in life, if this is true then every action and situation has been perfectly placed.  If every person that enters your life is put there for a reason - then why do...
  • Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    The first person of color I was introduced to was Harriet Tubman. I didn’t understand why my grandparents thought so highly of her. She was to them a savior. I thought we only believed in GOD but they would always talk about her like she cured cancer or something. As I grew older I soon realized what impact she had on Blacks during...
  • New Online Talk Show Showcases Veterans in Post-Military Life Successes

    New Online Talk Show Showcases Veterans in Post-Military Life Successes

    The David Johnson Show is a new online video show giving a voice to military veterans and military fans in the post-9/11-era. Premiering in April 2020 at, “The David Johnson Show” is an episode-driven showcase for the American military and veteran sub-culture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story. Just as each previous military generation had its stories, topics and...
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