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  • NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    GUEST POST BY: U.S. ARMY RETIRED KEITH CARAWAY AND THIS IS MY STORY You must preserve the life of every person standing in front of you. You must ensure their basic needs are met so they can carry out their assigned tasks. If this place sucks, it is my fault. Make no mistake- the commander is in charge; however, I am the first...
  • Last Thought: The Cost of Being HOOAH!

    Last Thought: The Cost of Being HOOAH!

    It seemed like only yesterday I was talking with David Johnson about a concept of a TV show. He asked for a topic that would be interesting to talk about, and I wrote down the title. To my surprise, he was very interested in going deeper into the subject. By enlarging the conversation, I showed a very different side of myself most people...
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