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I've Always Wondered What Makes An Entrepreneur

January 05, 2022
Written by David Johnson

I've been on this podcasting journey for two years. I've chatted with many entrepreneurs... I see some of the same qualities in all of them. 


  • They all say -- This entrepreneur shit is super hard! 
  • Passion is the fuel that keeps the train moving forward during tough times.
  • Passion and drive will help commit you to the process that hopefully will lead to success years after you start. 
  • You can find passion in your product or service, helping your customers, the process of building or launching a company and more. 


  • Your ideas and execution could be right or wrong -- but you need to do things how you see it because you believe in it.
  • You need to control your time. Time Freedom! (this is my #1)
  • You need to build something for you. Self Satisfaction.
  • It's hard working 40+ hours a week for somebody else


  • Many entrepreneurs are motivated by creativity. I've noticed creative entrepreneurs are more tolerant to risk than necessity entrepreneurs.
  • Full-time entrepreneurship is almost a way of life. It represents how you think. 
  • It takes a killer attitude to transform an idea into a business. Few will understand this concept. It's almost like you have it or you don't. 

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David Johnson

Army SOF Veteran with multiple deployments under OIF 1, 2, and 3, David Johnson dove into the world of entrepreneurship. After making a name for himself in the insurance industry and starting Fortis Life Group, David began exploring a passion project that has now touched the lives of many. David...

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