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From Knowing Nothing, to 200K+ Views on YouTube...My Advice On Starting A Podcast

August 25, 2021

You want to start a podcast? Yeah...I thought it would be fun too.

Huge shout out to Olivia Nunn for inviting me on the official “Soldier For Life Podcast”  -  You can catch the episode HERE

The ins and outs of starting a video podcast. 

Why do I feel I have a few things to say? Well...I went from I can’t spell “podcast” to 233,000 views on YouTube and Rosie’s Network Media Professional of the Year. This all happened in 15 months! 

Just like many things in my life..I said “yes”, jumped in, and then started to figure it out. Luckily for me, when I say YES to something, I go all in. That’s one of my super powers. I’m not encouraging (or discouraging) you to start a podcast, but if you have the desire…here is my best advice (also in podcast link above). 

Your Life. Your Dreams. Your Podcast

This stuff isn’t easy. What do you want out of it? Before you even start you need to ask yourself this question. Is this for fun? Is this to support an already established business (credibility)? Are you hoping to turn your podcast into a business? Or...Who gives a shit...I just want to have fun! 

According to Podcast Insights there are over 2,000,000 podcasts. Spoiler alert, most won’t make it.  What is your “why”? Find it. Believe it. Stick to it. 

Quality Matters

The future of podcasting is here! Welcome Podcast 2.0 and beyond.  Welcome to the days of iHeartRadio and Spotify dumping massive marketing dollars and energy behind podcast content. And guess what? It’s not shitty quality! Your iPhone8 in your grandma's basement just ain’t gonna cut it. Sorry, I don’t make these rules. To reach mass consumer adoption and share ability (not sure if that’s one word or two) — You need a quality product. The ability (and desire) for consumers to  share your content is directly related to the quality of the final product. Quality in this paragraph means editing and production. We will get to the quality of content later. Crisp clear sound. Same goes for video if that’s your route. 

The David Johnson Show Set / Studio



Staying Power and Consistency Matters

Have you ever sat on the couch, flicked on Prime or Netflix to find the next episode of whatever you're binge watching... and it’s there? You expect it. Your listeners expect steady and consistent content from you too. That’s one way to build your following. However, it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg.  A lot of podcasters get discouraged because they don’t have a following so they quit — but you need steady and consistent content to build a following.  My personal advice; make a promise to yourself and stick to it.  I.E. I am going to create an episode a week for 5 months, then make decisions based on data. You can’t create episodes 1 and 2 then stop and say “nobody is listening to my podcast”. 

Budget & Skills 

Because podcasting has a very low financial barrier to entry everybody is doing it.  I can create a podcast hosting account, acquire minimal equipment, find a guest and BOOM - I have a podcast. In theory, you really don’t even need a guest.

Side Note: Lochhead on Marketing is one of my favorite marketing podcasts and a lot of his are monologues. 

Remember the whole, your life, your dreams, and quality matters? If you are attempting to turn this podcast into a business (even if it’s just a side hustle) you need to invest in the proper equipment and skills. As an example, here is how we built our first intro.

TDJS Season 2

The skill set and budget required to produce season one wasn’t easy.  We had to film at a professional studio, use multiple cameras, lights and have a qualified producer create the final product. 

I am not saying you need to go to this extent and I'm blessed (more than most) to have the ability to fund my passion project…but my point is…You will need to invest some money to do it properly and find the people with the proper skill set.  Please reach out if we can help.


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