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  • A Few Million, Some 'L's, and Some 'W's later.

    A Few Million, Some 'L's, and Some 'W's later.

    Dear 29-year-old, no-experience-having aspiring entrepreneur, This is your 39-year-old, slightly more successful, still-growing self who has 10 years’ worth of knowledge on your ass: Listen up.   I feel blessed, and as my close friend, Keith Caraway replies every time I ask him, “how are you doing?” He says, “I’m doing better than I deserve”.  And that’s how I feel. I’ve been through...
  • Why I Failed At Love

    Why I Failed At Love

    Some of us are raised, unapologetically, to never show emotions; we're taught to fight early, and as a result we end up competitive to a fault. Some of us grew up to cherish possessions over people. Those same individuals can experience textbook insecurity, and for good measurement. Some of us joined professions that complemented our hard-headedness, which is sometimes equated with masculinity. Others...
  • Testing Your Faith

    Testing Your Faith

  • Why Military Spouses Deserve Your Business

    Why Military Spouses Deserve Your Business

    The Nation’s freedom is defended by members of the Armed Forces - and in a silent role, U.S. military spouses support those service members. Many military households require dual income to cope with high cost of living yet secure employment for spouses continues to be an enduring sacrifice within the military community. Military spouse unemployment is four times the national average, pre-pandemic. Military...
  • Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    Black History. Culture Change. Rap Music

    GUEST POST BY: Renford Robinson Ligon
  • NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    NOTICE: Train Your Sergeants

    GUEST POST BY: U.S. ARMY RETIRED KEITH CARAWAY AND THIS IS MY STORY You must preserve the life of every person standing in front of you. You must ensure their basic needs are met so they can carry out their assigned tasks. If this place sucks, it is my fault. Make no mistake- the commander is in charge; however, I am the first...
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