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David Johnson

Contact: 1234567890

Email: david@promotionboardmedia.com

Website: https://thedavidjohnsonshow.com/

Personal Blog Feed: https://thedavidjohnsonshow.com/author/davidjohnson/feed/

Address: 5080 N. 40th St. Suite 360a

City: Phoenx

State: AZ

Zip: 85018

Country: USA

David Johnson served in the U.S. Army from 2000 - 2006 and completed three tours to Iraq under Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) I, II and III. His mission now is to tell the stories of the military and vSee More >eteran culture from the people who lived it, for the people who believe in it. “The David Johnson Show” is produced by Promotion Board Media, and is the first of several new online video shows planned for the military and veteran community. These shows will be professionally produced, present great information and offer a wide range of related content.

Author Company Information

Job Titles: Chief Veteran Officer

Current Company: Promotion Board Media

LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-david-johnson-show/

Facebook Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/thedavidjohnsonshow/

Medium Company Page: https://medium.com/@davidjohnsonshow

Author Education And Skills

School Name: Arizona State University

School Website: https://www.asu.edu/

Year Completed: 2008

Education Discription: B.A. Communicaiton Studies

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Skills: Talk Show Host

Languages: English and Arabic


3 months ago

One of the Biggest Struggles for Military Veterans

Our guest on this episode of The David Johnson Show, James Lloyd, discusses one of the biggest struggles for people once they move on from their military time. Figuring out who they are. 

For many, their identity and .... Continue reading

4 months ago

Have you Ever Wondered How New Business Ideas are Born?

While deployed in Kuwait with the Air Force Reserves, Dave Martin & Gabe Ulibarri, who had known one another before they were sent overseas, started to think about starting a business together. They did a lot of brainstorming and meeting at makeshift coffee shops and tho .... Continue reading

4 months ago

How Did Military Experience Help with Starting a Business?

David Martin & Gabriel Uliburri, the founders of Real American Heroes Coffee Company, talk with David Johnson about all of the various aspects of starting a business. 

There are many people out there who are ready and willing to help people achieve their dream of entrepreneurship and help others be successful. 

Have you ever thought about starting a business when you get out of the .... Continue reading